Our clients all recognise the value of holistic financial advice and our service provides them with exactly what they expect. Before we even meet with a new client we will check with them just what they are hoping to achieve from the advice process to ensure that there really are ways in which we can help them to achieve their goals. So when you become our client you can rest assured that your financial needs will be at the heart of everything we do; so whether you want to secure your financial future, buy your first home, realise a life long dream or protect your family’s lifestyle no matter what happens Forum are here to help.
After your first contact with us, and only if we believe we can really help you to achieve your financial goals; we’ll have our first meeting with you either at our offices in the heart of London, at your own place of work or if you prefer at the offices of one of your other professional advisers such as your solicitor or accountant.  
At this meeting we’ll do our best to really get to know you and what you are hoping to achieve. We’ll explore areas such as attitude to risk, financial and life goals and affordability (both now and in the future). We will also make sure that you understand, and agree, exactly how we’ll be remunerated for our advice services, giving you the option of paying for our service directly or using income which can be generated from any investments or policies we recommend for you to offset against our fees.

We then use this information to complete our research and create a highly personalised investment strategy for you based on our understanding of the myriad of financial products available and our chosen Investment Solution which helps our clients to invest their money wisely and in accordance with their attitude toward investment risk. We will forward you a copy of your report prior to our next meeting with you, giving you the opportunity to digest all the information and prepare a list of questions which you will no doubt want answering.
Step 4 of our process is to explain to you face to face exactly what plans we have recommended and why. In fact sometimes our advice may actually be to do nothing right now but leave things as they are.
Only when you are completely happy and fully understand the advice we have provided will we ask you to complete any paperwork and of course we will be on hand to assist with any forms. It’s at this stage of our advice process that we will again check with you exactly how you would like to pay for our services.

Once your applications are completed our dedicated para planners and administrators will process your applications, keeping you up to date at all times, with how your applications, new plans or transfers of existing plans are progressing.
And our advice process doesn’t stop there; after all life doesn’t stand still so why should your financial plans?
Dependent on the complexity of your financial situation, your level of investments and how hands on you would like our ongoing service to be, we will contact you as often as every three months offering you the opportunity to discuss with us any changes that may have happened and review the performance of your existing investments and policies against your changing needs and aspirations. For more information on our retainer services please see our Service Level document.
Many of our clients also receive regular updates on other financial and personal tax issues including receiving our half yearly magazine Financial Review.
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