Our due diligence report
We want our referral relationship with you to be compliant and effective from day one; that’s why at Forum we’ve create a whole range of support material to help you to feel secure when you refer your clients to us. We will provide you with:

an annual report providing all the information you require to demonstrate that you have completed due diligence on our practice and that we are suitably qualified, experienced and regulated to provide your clients with the specialist financial advice they require
a structured introducer agreement clearly detailing our referral relationship and how we will work with you and your clients
checklists to help you identify those clients who will benefit from the specialist advice services our practice can provide
referral forms to enable you to compliantly transfer your client to us and help us to provide a seamless advice service to your client
assistance and pro formas to gain your client’s consent for you to compliantly and ethically retain a share of the income which we generate from the advice that we give to your clients
guidance and updates on key financial services regulatory issues including the Designated Professional Body (DPB) regulatory regime, income sharing and data sharing
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