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FTSE 100
7236.7002 +39.7002 +0.55%
FTSE 250
18987.1992 +89 +0.47%
FTSE 350
4008.9800 +21.46 +0.54%
FTSE All Shares
3954.5601 +20.2701 +0.52%
Dow Jones
25883.2500 +318.6191 +1.25%
7158.0000 -250 -3.37%

Meet Sid Reddy BA (Hons) MBA

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    Sid Reddy BA (Hons) MBA
    Financial Planner

    Sid came into Financial Services over 20 years ago after a career in Academia and Retail Management. Sid has a number of clients in Academia and specialises in Lump Sum Investments for income in Retirement for a number of Academics. He has co-authored a book titled 'Retiring Lives' and serves on Finance Committees for some charities.

    Outside of Finance, Sid spends his time designing cuff-links and other merchandise, teaching Maths to Gifted and Talented Children and as a part-time Cricket Coach. He lives in Pimlico with his wife Tina and son Ankit and prefers to work from home as much as possible.